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Crimson Education x Grade Gorilla

Crimson Education is proud to partner with Grade Gorilla to help Grade Gorilla students unlock their full potential in high school, university, and beyond. Grade Gorilla students receive a complimentary 1:1 session with an admissions expert who will assess the student's academics, extracurricular, and university goals. Fill out the form below to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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What We Do

Crimson Education is the world’s leading university admissions consulting company. We take application counseling to the next level of personalization and success, increasing your child’s chance of admission to their dream university by 700%.

Who Should Work with Us

Crimson works with families and students from ages 10 -18+, supporting children through essential life milestones such as middle, high school and university, and adults who are interested in postgraduate degrees.

How We Help

The average college admissions process takes 60 – 200 hours. Avoid spending too much of your time and energy focused on the complex and ever-changing admissions process.

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Our Services

For students around the globe who need guidance applying to university, Crimson Education is an Admissions Consulting EdTech Company that helps students and families navigate the tricky admissions process. Unlike seeking services from a myriad of providers, Crimson Education is a one-stop-shop for all aspects of the student’s academic journey.
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US, UK & EU University Admissions Consulting

Work with a team of elite strategists who have successfully helped students get into the world’s top universities. Get support with everything from school course selection to summer planning to university list building, essay brainstorming and more!

Academic & Exam Tutoring

Receive tutoring and support on standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and AP/IB exams from top tutors around the world.

Leadership & Extracurricular Mentoring

Build an extracurricular profile by launching leadership initiatives that will help your child stand out on university applications

Crimson Internships

Gain practical skills, build global networks and create real impact through internships at top companies such as Uber, PwC and HSBC.

Crimson Research Institute

Complete an undergraduate-level research project while still in high school with guidance from PhD mentors and university faculty in the US & UK.

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Crimson Global Academy

Accelerate your child’s learning online through live IGCSE, A-Level and AP courses they can complete based on their competency, not age.

Pre-international GCSE

When enrolled full time, students study a comprehensive programme of: English, Maths, Science, Global Citizenship, Computer Science, Health and Wellbeing.


We offer the Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs, a globally recognized high school curriculum. Based on the British curriculum, this is one of the most popular international courses of study.

Advanced Placement

For those students looking to attend a US university, we offer Advanced Placement courses. These are college-level courses that students in American high schools take to get credit at university. While not a complete curriculum, AP courses are well-regarded for their academic rigour.


The International GCSEs and A Levels are the most commonly studied curriculum around the world. They are based on the UK high school education system and are adapted for a global student base. At CGA we offer the A Levels online for students around the world.

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