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Why Your School Grades Matter

While university admissions standardised tests are important benchmarks when it comes to creating a baseline for all applicants, a student’s own high school grades display other key abilities that help admissions officers narrow down on their potential acceptance lists.

How Our High School Subject Tutoring Works

At Crimson, our expert tutors provide services beyond those offered by most tutoring companies. These include:

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A bit more background

US and UK universities are obviously very informed as to their own country’s education systems. However, most universities have admissions officers who are dedicated solely to assessing applications from students in a specific global region. In these cases these admissions officers are well informed as to the workings of the academic systems in their ‘zones’. Our tutors understand the importance of high school performance and help lift their students grades to highly competitive levels.

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Improve your grades and ace your exams with Crimson!

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