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Exclusive workshop to kickstart your child's dream career!

Want to empower your child's entrepreneurial mindset? Sign up for our limited-time only workshop on Entrepreneurship in the Sciences with Dr. Xavier Portillo!

What are Rise Career Workshops? 🚀

Career Workshops are 2-week online programs exposing pre-secondary school students (12-15yo) to the most exciting, unique career pathways on the market and preparing them to deepen their learnings and/or pursue this career if of interest.

This program is suitable for all students aged 12-15.

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How do Career Workshops work?

After a series of interactive group lectures with a field expert, students elect to complete one of three final projects via 1:1 coaching by one of our project mentors:

Entrepreneurship in the Sciences with Dr. Xavier Portillo

May 1-12th, Monday - Friday at 7PM ICT / 8PM CST / 9PM JST

Dr. Xavier Portillo OUR INSTRUCTOR

Dr. Xavier Portillo is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard University, where he runs a research platform aimed at evolving RNAs for medical, academic, and industrial applications. He received his PhD in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from Yale University. 

While at Yale, Xavier received one of Yale’s highest honors for his teaching, The Prize Teaching Fellowship. For his doctoral research, Xavier also received the prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation, as well as a National Aeronautics and Space Administration Graduate Fellowship for his work on the RNA world and the origins of life. In the Spring of 2023, Xavier will be teaching "How to Grow Almost Anything" in MIT's Media Lab.

Crimson Rise webinars

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