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Building a Well-Rounded Profile in Middle School: Deep Dive into Leadership and Extracurriculars

Wondering how to help your pre-teen step into their strengths and stand out from the start? Discover frameworks for purposefully shaping a balanced portfolio of extracurriculars, and leadership experiences that will truly impress future reviewers.

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Is Your Child Positioned for Success in High School and Beyond?

The middle school years mark a pivotal transition - it's when students begin to discover their unique strengths and interests.

It's also a time when natural-born leaders begin to emerge, as tweens gain confidence facilitating projects and motivating peers. Those who get an early start cultivating these in-demand skills will be equipped to hit the ground running in 9th grade.

But without proper guidance now, many miss out on opportunities to round out their profile and impress selective high schools and colleges.

Don't leave your child's pathway to chance. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn strategies proven to maximize their leadership potential and strengthen their extracurricular profile from grade 5 onwards.

Session Highlights:

🧠 Understand developmental milestones, how interests and skills evolve, and best ways to nurture emerging talents at this age

🎨 Choose extracurricular activities aligned with interests that allow leadership growth over the middle school years

🎓 Learn how to balance academics and after school activities for well-rounded development and competitive secondary school applications

📝 Curate accomplishments into a cohesive narrative showcasing growth

🎯 Discover goal-setting tactics to track progress across grades 6-8 toward admissions success

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Our Speaker

Cassidy Goldblatt

Meet Cassidy Goldblatt, Director of Crimson Rise.

  • Cassidy has a B.M. from the University of Michigan and an M.M. from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.
  • With over 5 years of experience helping students discover their own love of learning and shape their communities through their interests and talents.
  • Cassidy has successfully guided students to gain admission to top universities such as Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Emory, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, and USC.

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Building a Well-Rounded Profile in Middle School: Deep Dive into Leadership and Extracurriculars