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A Parents' Video Guide to Grades 6-8

7 Videos to Help Your Child Master Middle School

For one week only, gain exclusive access to our complimentary Video Bootcamp - straight from Crimson Rise experts.

Time management hacks, growth mindset exercises, and more to help your child achieve more with less effort and stress. Every two days, you will receive a video with strategies from top world educators.

Rise student and parent

Boost results, reignite curiosity and unleash potential!

Discover simple strategies top students use to stay focused and engaged, with our free video bootcamp.

World-class educators will share insider secrets to help your child:

Understanding the adolescent brain and how it affects learning in students ages 11-14
Develop an Ivy League Mindset

Ignite the growth-oriented, entrepreneurial spirit that opens doors to the world's most prestigious universities and careers.

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Build Skills Colleges Seek

Strategies for managing distractions and developing effective learning habits like time management, organisation, and self-motivation.

Reignite Passion for Learning

Motivate your child and create a love of learning by overcoming challenges, finding purpose and seeing failures as learning opportunities.

Foster Qualities That Lead to Lifelong Achievement

Discover how to cultivate the determination, passion for learning, and resilience that pave the way for extraordinary accomplishments well beyond the Ivy League.

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Start Your Journey with World-Class Mentors

Introducing some of the brilliant minds in Crimson's Rise strategic network that will act as your guides and mentors through our video series.
Rise Mentors
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Level Up with Our Video Plan to Master Middle School

Kick off today with our welcome video. Then every second day, receive a quick-tip video straight to your inbox to implement immediately. Partner with us to empower the independent success of your middle schooler!

Secure your spot in our free video bootcamp for parents and middle schoolers.

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