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After-School Enrichment Program for Teens

Elevate your child's education with Crimson Rise. Enroll now for guidance on building an extraordinary extracurricular profile, boosting academic performance, and preparing for Ivy League or top college admissions later on.

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About Crimson Rise

A challenging education program for future leaders in every field

As a parent, you're acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities your child faces in their education journey. Your child's academic success today shapes their future. After-school online educational programs for teens, like ours, offer essential support to help them excel academically and develop the life skills for success in high school, uni and beyond.

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Empowering Your Child’s Potential

At Crimson Rise, our personalized programs provide the support your 11-14 year old needs to uncover their unique talents and interests. Working closely with you and your teen, we empower informed choices about future pathways. Through hands-on projects, leadership opportunities and career exploration workshops, your child's passions and potential will come to light.

Here's what we do:

Understanding the adolescent brain and how it affects learning in students ages 11-14
Accelerate Academics

Students receive accelerated 1:1 tutoring and strategic guidance to propel academic performance, including targeted support on 4-year course planning, revision and test-taking technique, independent research projects, and much more.

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Drive Standout Extracurriculars

Innovative, stand-out extracurricular profiles are Crimson’s specialty. Our students receive granular, 1:1 extracurricular mentorship on landing leadership positions, competition placement, and shadowing or internship opportunities,.

Define Passions

Our programs emphasise 1:1 mentorship to clarify student passions, whether through crafting an elevator pitch, writing a personal statement, writing career analyses, conducting academic research, or delivering for high-level public speaking engagements.

Crush Tests & University Admissions

Every project, topic, and skills focus in the Rise program prepares students to excel in the university admissions process. Crimson’s admissions strategists are the best in the world, hailing from Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, and many more top universities.

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Start Your Journey with World-Class Mentors

Introducing some of the brilliant minds in Crimson's Rise strategic network.
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Don't wait until Year 9 to begin exploring options and building the skills for a successful uni application.

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