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Timelines, application deadlines, and guidance for high school students looking to get top universities!

Ever struggled to keep track of all your admissions deadlines and milestones? Juggling all these dates and responsibilities can be extremely difficult. There is no need to make things harder than they already are. Download this planner today and use it to CRUSH your admissions journey!

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Your Roadmap to the World’s Best Universities

Getting into a world renowned university has never been clearer. Use this planner to organize your days, weeks, and months in your journey to top US and UK universities.

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🛣 Admissions roadmaps, whether you’re 4 years out, or in your application year

📅 Calendars to visualize due dates and timelines

🎨 Tailored activities to keep you on track

🗣Expert tips to give you an edge in the competitive university admissions game

And much more!

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