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Spain has long been a popular destination for university studies in Europe — and for good reasons! With some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, Spain provides students with the opportunity to study alongside students from around the world, learn a new language, and discover cultures spanning over a thousand years.

Our guide, Study in Spain, provides everything you need to know about the university application process — discover what makes Spain a great destination for university studies and how you can take advantage of the incredible opportunities in the country!

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Why Study in Spain?

Spain holds many high places in the world university rankings. Here are five key reasons a student may choose to study at a world-leading Spanish university:

  1. Top universities in Spain provide excellent value for money with tuition fees that are significantly lower than those in the UK or United States.
  2. The process of obtaining the student visa is relatively simple, and with a Schengen Visa, you can travel throughout the continent in just an hour!
  3. Students enrolled in private universities are guaranteed internships, allowing them to enter the professional world before they graduate.
  4. European-based study provides you with the opportunity to study in a second language — and maybe learn a third, fourth, or fifth!
  5. Studying in Spain guarantees contact with people from different cultures, which greatly expands students' professional and networking opportunities.
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What this eBook offers

This eBook offers insights into several top Spanish schools including what makes them different, what they’re best known for, and facts and figures about each. Learn more about:

  • Why you should consider studying in Spain
  • How to find your dream university
  • Differences between public and private universities
  • How to apply
  • Writing a motivation letter
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Tips when applying and how Crimson can help you on your journey

For ambitious students aiming to study in Spain and secure their professional future, this eBook is the perfect starting point.

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