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A Day in the Life of Students at Top Universities

What is it like to live and learn on the campuses of top US and UK universities? Find out from the students themselves.

When you picture yourself attending a world-leading university, what do you see? What are the dorms like? How’s the food? How big are your classes and where do you study? Perhaps your mental image of campus life at a top uni is vibrant and detailed — or maybe it’s missing some pieces.

Download this eBook to get an idea of what daily life is like for undergraduate students at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and other top universities in the US and UK. Read about their classes, social lives, study routines, even their sleep schedules — and much more!

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Put yourself in the shoes of students at the world’s best universities

Applying to universities begins with building a list of schools — which means researching and comparing the many different factors that make each university unique.

Far beyond prestige or reputation, things like location, academics, extracurriculars and campus culture can all play a role in deciding where to apply (and ultimately, where to accept!). The university you attend will be your home for three or four years; so choosing the best one for you is crucial for a happy and successful college experience.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled this eBook co-written with 15 students who’ve written their own daily diaries. From early morning classes and sports practices to afternoon study sessions to late night outings with friends and roommates, these diaries provide a glimpse into campus life for students from Australia, Brazil, South Africa and more — all the way to the Ivy League, Oxbridge and other world-leading institutions.

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