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The 10 Best College Majors You Should Consider in 2023

14/03/202333 minute read
The 10 Best College Majors You Should Consider in 2023

Choosing a college major that will withstand the rapid pace of our ever-changing world can be a daunting task. New industries pop up, technology advances, and some of today’s relevant careers may not be relevant in just a few years.

While students should choose a college major in their area of interest, today’s college hopefuls should also select a major that propels them into a rewarding career, provides a steady income and job and personal satisfaction. But what are the degrees in demand in the future?

The most in-demand majors and degrees fulfill specific needs that won’t go away. We will always need doctors, healthcare professionals, and engineers. The roles and job responsibilities may change, but those careers won’t disappear. Students who choose careers that benefit the population but don’t have enough people pursuing them are the ones with the best future employment potential.

What are the best college majors in 2023? We compiled a top 10 best college majors list based on research, experience, projected job growth, salary, and career options. Let’s check them out!

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What are the Top 10 Best Majors in 2023?

10. Software Engineering

software engineering a top major to consider in 2022

Software engineering majors learn how to design and develop software programs before sending them to customers. This math-heavy degree also focuses on building software for particular operating systems, designing databases, and all about computer architecture.

Software Engineering Outlook
Career OptionsSoftware Developer, Software Engineer
Projected Job Growth21% by 2028
Median Salary$129,380

Since computer hardware architecture is constantly evolving and changing, there will always be jobs for software engineers and developers. Whether they’re updating existing software or installing new hardware and software, the demand for software engineering majors will continue to grow. 

9. Biology

Biology a top major to consider in 2022

An undergraduate degree in biology helps set students up for career paths in medicine, including nursing and physician assistant careers. While most degrees in medicine require graduate work, a biology major sets the groundwork for this in-demand field.

Biology Outlook
Career OptionsPhysician’s Assistant, Nursing, and many other medical professions
Projected Job GrowthUp to 31% by 2030
Median Salary$75,330- $115,390 (depending on career path)

Nurses and physician assistants are two of the most in-demand medical professions. As a large portion of the population ages, they will seek medical care to address their age-related health concerns and improve their quality of life. Hospitals will look to nurses and physician assistants to fill many of the roles of a traditional doctor. 

The Association of American Medical Colleges projects a shortage of qualified medical providers in the coming years. This finding only increases the demand for students to begin their undergraduate career with a biology major and continue their graduate work in nursing or physician assistant school. 

8. Data Science

Data scientists analyze data from several different studies, and they use this data to predict future events or behavior.

A data science major, sometimes called data science and analytics, examines and analyzes data for specific information and organizes it into reports. Students learn how to use programming languages and visualization software to help businesses and governments make sense of all the data they collect.

Data Science Outlook
Career Options Data Scientist, Enterprise Architect, Statistician
Projected Job Growth22% through 2030
Salary Range$120,290 to $148,794

While this major is relatively new, employment in this field is exponentially growing. Businesses collect massive amounts of data to determine trends, anticipate buyer actions, and more! They’re hiring data scientists to make sense of it all.

7. Accounting

A popular career that deals with the financial side of an economics degree is accountancy

Accounting is a good major because all reports indicate healthy, stable market growth. Accounting majors learn versatile skills they can use in most financial departments and workplaces. They learn accounting competencies and advanced financial skills, and they also learn how to maintain financial records and understand financial skills.

Accounting Outlook
Career OptionsAccountant, Financial Analyst, Auditor
Projected Job Growth7% from 2020-2030
Median Salary$73,560

Accounting professionals shouldn’t have trouble finding long-term careers in their field because businesses will always need help managing cash flow and managing finances. 

6. Cybersecurity

Cyber Security Specialist is one of the coolest jobs in the world

Companies are increasingly reliant on technology for every aspect of their business. With this increased reliance comes the increased need to protect organizations from digital attacks and keep their information safe. Cybersecurity majors learn all about the complex world of information security. They learn what it takes to safeguard computer systems, networks, and data. They also gain hands-on experience learning about cloud security, digital forensics, hacking, and risk management. The coursework uses computer science, information systems, and mathematics to help students address cybersecurity challenges.

Cybersecurity Outlook
Career OptionsSecurity Engineer, Chief Information Security Officer, IT Security Manager
Projected Job Growth13% over the next ten years
Median Salary$116,000

Cybersecurity is a lucrative and growing field. Students with a cybersecurity degree should not have trouble building a long, successful career protecting businesses, mitigating risks, and developing policies for maintaining security. Many cybersecurity majors find jobs in the government, law enforcement, healthcare, and financial sectors. 

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5. Game Design

game designer a degree for the future

Did you know students with a passion for gaming can turn it into a lucrative career? As gaming becomes increasingly popular, so does the demand for game design majors. Students in this major learn the basics of creating video games and applications, coding, and software development skills.

Game Design Outlook
Career OptionsGame Designer, Software Developer, Application Developer
Projected Job Growth12.8% by 2030
Median Salary$77,200

While many game design majors work for video game studios, some work as software/app developers or even computer systems analysts. Building applications is a business in itself, and many companies look for graduates who can help them stay relevant in the ever-changing world of technology. 

4. Hospitality Management

hospitality management a top major for 2022

The hospitality management major teaches students the skills they need to be leaders in the hospitality industry. They learn risk management, marketing, managing resources, and innovative problem-solving techniques. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, hospitality management majors can earn specialized certifications in areas like executive leadership, event management, travel and tourism, and restaurant management.

Hospitality Management Outcome
Career OptionsRestaurant Mgr, Hotel Mgr, Event Coordinator, Human Resources Mgr, Event Planner
Projected Job Growth18% (2020-2030)
Median Salary$51,560

Even though more people live and work virtually, they still crave real, personal contact with others. That’s why the hospitality industry continues to thrive. There is a huge need for qualified hospitality professionals to own and manage restaurants, hotels, and other public hotspots. 

3. Pre-Law (with a focus on Elder Law)

The best law schools in the world

While the legal job market isn’t growing as fast as other job markets, the one area that could see an increase in career opportunities is elder law. This type of law focuses primarily on vulnerable, elderly individuals. A degree in pre-law (or even political science, history, English, or philosophy) will prepare aspiring lawyers for law school because it offers a broad overview of humanities and the social sciences.

Pre-law Outcome
Career OptionsElder Law Attorney
Projected Job Growth9% (2020-2030)
Median Salary$75,395

As the population ages, older adults, especially those with Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia, will need trusted advocates or guardians to protect them from identity theft, criminals, and even family members who might try and take advantage of them.

2. Aerospace Engineering

aerospace engineering a top major to consider in 2022

An aerospace engineering major uses math and science to help them understand the basics of flight and space travel. They use this knowledge to design and develop newer, safer, more robust aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles. Their studies also include aerodynamics, launch, flight controls, and engines.

Aerospace Engineering Outcome
Career OptionsAircraft/Spacecraft Designer, Military Aerospace Engineer, Inspector, Compliance Officer
Projected Job Growth9% (2020-2030)
Median Salary$118,610

Space travel has taken on a new meaning in the last few years. With companies like SpaceX sending passengers on space adventures to asteroid mining and space science, the need for aerospace engineers is steadily growing.

1. Financial Technology (Fintech)

Fintech a top major to consider in 2022

Financial technology (Fintech) majors are starting to pop up at universities worldwide. As one of the newest and fastest-growing job sectors in finance, fintech majors are looking at a robust job market. Students who study this exciting new career path focus on themes like financial analysis and blockchain technology.

Financial Technology (Fintech) Outlook
Career OptionsBlockchain Developer, Apps Developer, Quantitative Analyst
Projected Job Growth25% over the next couple of years
Average Salary$80,000 - $175,000+ (depending on career)

As banks, governments, and companies around the world update their systems (including adopting blockchain and distributed ledger technology), they will look to fintech graduates to help them capitalize on the latest financial technologies. Technology hubs like New York, London, and Singapore may have the most tech jobs, but many fintech graduates will have the flexibility to work wherever they choose.

Final Thoughts

As the Class of 2026 prepares for college, they should not only choose majors that excite them but ones that will propel them into careers that can stand the test of time. While some of the most in-demand majors are healthcare, technology, and business, many majors have bright futures. These top degrees in demand for the future are excellent choices for career longevity and future success.

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