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5 Best Engineering Schools in the US right now

19 FEB 2021

Engineering is a popular university pathway for many students across the world, including South Africans looking to study abroad.

As an international looking at choices across the US, a good place to start then is to consider university ranking by subject.

Sure, ranking is not everything: Best-fit schools based on location, culture, price and size are also important factors, but ranking is still valuable in the selection process.

As such, here are the 5 best Engineering and Technology schools based in the US right now according to the QS Global University rankings by subject.

Ranked 5th - Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech is a fantastic school when considering an engineering pathway and comes with the added benefit of boasting a higher acceptance rate than the other schools in this list.

With a 21% acceptance rate and based in sunny Atlanta, Georgia, it’s a firm favourite for many ambitious South Africans.

Click here to read about Dennis’ journey from South Africa to Georgia Tech, Atlanta.

Ranked 4th - Harvard University

There’s not much more that can be said about a school that boasts more Heads of State as alumni than any other school in the world.

Based in Massachusetts, it’s an Ivy League of the highest order. But, with an acceptance rate of just 5%, it’s a near impossible task for even the best students in a country with engineering an even steeper mountain to climb.

Check out our US admissions calculator to gauge if Harvard might be a possibility for you then. It’s always a good place to start!

Ranked 3rd - University of California, Berkeley

With an acceptance rate on 16% - considerably higher than other schools in its tier - many students consider Berkeley when looking to apply to sunny California. It’s a stellar destination and fantastic school.

It’s proximity to Silicon Valley is telling too: Just 75km from its campus, many who do Engineering and Technology hope to end up there. An easy drive then if that’s where you’re ultimately headed...

Ever wondered what it’s like at Berkeley? How are some big questions answered:

Ranked 2nd - Stanford University

Renowned for its extraordinary business networks and alumni, many who graduate from Stanford as Engineers, are primed for the intersection of engineering and entrepreneurship.

Makes sense: It’s literally on the door-step of Silicon Valley, just a 10 minute drive down the 101.

With Apple, Google and Facebook just a few of the tech giants a stone’s throw away, there’s no wonder Stanford is so desirable and why it’s acceptance rate is among the world’s lowest in the world at just 4%.

Check out how this student got into Stanford, which proves it’s not impossible:

Ranked 1st - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT - the cream of the crop and still the best Engineering and Technology school not only in the USA - but the world!

Renowned for recruiting and cultivating some of the best technology minds across the planet, it pursues candidates who are innovators, inventors and tech disruptors.

It’s little wonder then that those who are accepted internationally must go over and above at high school and make themselves the most competitive candidates from their country and continent.

Here to help you are on that mammoth task are some South African extracurriculars in the tech space to boost your chances at a school like MIT:

There’s no doubt about it: Studying Engineering and Technology anywhere in the world is massively difficult, but studying it at one of the universities on this list will make becoming an engineer all the more worth it - such are the opportunities presented to graduates from schools at this level.

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