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University of Oxford

Oxford, United Kingdom

About the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world’s second oldest surviving university. While its exact founding date is unknown, there is evidence that teaching took place as far back as 1096. Located in and around Oxford’s medieval city centre, the university comprises 44 colleges and halls, and over 100 libraries, making it the largest library system in the UK.

A Brief History
A brief history

Oxford's 12th Century establishment is often attributed to King Henry II's barring of English students from attending the University of Paris, with early classes being in theology, medicine and law.

General info
General information

Oxford academics are structured around the following divisions: Humanities, Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences, Medical Sciences and Social Sciences.


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A-Level requirements


Average International Baccalaureate (IB) score
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Quick facts about Oxford

  • Average undergrad degree: 3 years course specific
  • Setting: City in the rural area of Oxfordshire
  • Residential Status: Primarily on campus
  • Number of Undergraduates: 12,000 (approx)
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Oxford by the Numbers

What is Oxford's QS World University Ranking?


How many colleges and halls does Oxford have?


What is Oxford's Student-Faculty Ratio?


What percentage of Oxford students are international students?


What is the median starting salary of Oxford graduates?


What is ratio of male to female students at Oxford?

54% male and 46% female

How hard is it to get into Oxford?

While Oxford’s overall admissions rate is approximately 17%, this rate is often lower for more competitive courses. Oxford and Cambridge are the two most competitive universities in the UK.

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