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Calculate your equivalent GPA score based on your IB grades!

Are you on the right track towards a top US university? Want to see how your IB results could fare during the US admissions process? Use our quick conversion calculator to understand how your grades are translated into a comparable GPA score!

How to use the IB converter?

Simply fill in all your IB subjects and respective grades. Our converter will instantly calculate an equivalent unweighted GPA score for you.

Now you’re ready to compare your GPA-equivalent score against the admissions requirements at your dream universities to see where you stand!

How to use the IB converter

What do admissions officers think about IB?

Admissions officers are familiar with the rigour of the IB curricula and standards and know how they compare to various US-based curriculum standards. If you want to make it past the first round of reviews, earning an IB diploma is a great start!

What do admissions officers think about IB?


What is a good score?

Individual colleges and universities have different standards, and these can vary from year to year. You’ll need to verify with your particular dream school the standards or expectations they are using as guidelines. Generally speaking, the academic expectations of Ivy League schools and other top US universities are well above average. In fact, most Ivy League students graduate high school with a GPA above 3.7!

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How is my data used?

Your privacy is paramount. All interactions are confidential, and your data is not stored or shared.

How long does it take to get my results?

Once you’ve entered your IB subjects and grades into the Crimson Education IB-to-GPA Converter you’ll get the readout of your equivalent GPA score within seconds!

Can I use my converted GPA score in my US application?

In your actual application, you’ll input your original IB scores, and admissions officers will convert your IB scores. However, our tool helps you understand how admissions officers are likely to evaluate your IB grades.

If you’re seeking more insights into the best strategies for presenting your scores to top schools, Crimson Education counselors and Admissions Advisors can help. They’ll explain how to present your academic accomplishments and help you access development and tutoring services to ensure you’re submitting the strongest applications possible.