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Accelerate your SAT/ACT

While the US application process is a holistic one with admissions officers taking into account the various aspects of your Common Application, your SAT and/or ACT results often act as deciding factors as to whether or not your application is given a thorough read by an admissions officer.


Why Crimson SAT/ACT

Why our tutoring programs work

Developed by Harvard grads, literature PhDs and top SAT tutors from around the world, Crimson’s SAT and ACT tutoring courses aim to reduce your study time while maximising your results.

Our tutoring programs are designed specifically for the individual, with an initial diagnostic test gauging both your current level of ability and assessing whether the SAT or ACT is best for you.

What you'll get
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What you’ll get

At Crimson we provide:

  • Full practice tests with instant tutor feedback
  • Extensive homework problems tailored to the curriculum
  • Online test platforms built into the Crimson App
  • A progress tracking system, giving you instant grading and detailed data on your increased test strength areas
  • A personalised roadmap making your study more efficient and effective
What you'll get

Meet some of our admissions strategists

Connect with the minds who make admissions happen. Our strategists have a proven track record of placing students into their dream university.

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Maximise your SAT or ACT scores, and lift your chances of top university admission