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Stand Out from the Pack: Unique Extracurriculars for Top US University Applicants

Learn how to optimise your holiday time and set yourself apart from the rest!

Here's a fact: When it comes to top US universities, grades are just the first round to get through.

Most students in Indonesia engage in the same three extracurriculars: music, sport and the common community service. We’re not saying that these aren’t achievements - but will this set you apart from the masses and make a weary admissions officer sit up and pay attention?

Watch this pre-recorded webinar to find out how to design your unique profile to stand out from the pack!

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Meet Our Speaker: Nicole Teoh

Nicole read History and Politics at the University of Oxford, where she graduated with First Class Honours.

As an admissions strategist with over six years of expertise, she has guided more than 80 students in gaining admission to more than 200+ top US and UK universities! Students that she has previously worked with have been accepted to institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell , UPenn, Northwestern and more. 

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