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Your Ultimate Guide to Competitive Hong Kong-Based Extracurricular & Leadership Activities

Discover how you can maximize your extracurricular and leadership activities and gain admission to the world's best universities.

Hong Kong ECL ebook
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What is ECL and why does it matter?

Whether you plan to apply to top US or UK universities, extracurricular activities and leadership positions are heavily weighted on your application. They show aspects of your personalities - commitment, compassion, creativity, and more - that grades and test scores can’t.

How can you get more involved in high school and stand out from competition?

Download our eBook containing a range of well-researched and carefully-selected ECL activities from all fields of interests, including:

+ Medicine 
Participate in summer medicine programmes at top medical schools; volunteer at local hospitals; attend immersion camps

+ Law and Politics
Research Court Diary and attend public hearings; write for the Justice Leaders’ Council advocating for the rights of the minorities

+ Business 
Take university level courses at HKUST and HKU Business School; analyse international economic issues and write for the Royal Economic Society

+ The Arts
Create drawings for WWF Hong Kong to raise awareness about marine environment; find creative art opportunities from the United Nations

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