5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing your UK Universities!

All you need to know about choosing the right UK university and course for you

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How should you choose your 5 UCAS courses?

Unlike the US where you can apply to as many universities as you like, the UK’s University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application requires students to limit their applications to five university/course choices.

In this special booklet, Crimson UK Senior Strategist and Oxford graduate, Abbigail Colwyn, will cover five key areas for UCAS school selection:

  • School Research Tips: How the find the RIGHT course?
  • Exclusive Application Strategy to increase your chance of getting accepted
  • Course Comparison: What are single and joint honours courses?
  • Cost per Degree: Accommodation and living costs
  • How you can build a ‘smart’ UCAS selection with high chances of admission and no regrets!
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The 3 university/course categories

Read Abbi's tips on how to identify your match, target and reach university alternatives

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Meet our strategist

Meet Abbi Colwyn, Oxford Graduate and Crimson Director of UK Admissions

How To Choose Your 5 UCAS Courses

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