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Preparing Teens for Their Future Career: How Our Students Grow

JUL 27, 2019 • 5 min read

U Chicago
Crimson not only helps students apply to their dream university, they help develop skills that students will need in college, but also in their future careers. We believe that supporting students through their college admissions journey does not stop with an acceptance. Our goal is to build students that are universal learners and that have the skills to drive whatever endeavour that they choose to explore.


In the 21st Century, effective communication is vital as students now have to learn how to communicate via multiple avenues: in-person, texting, social media, writing, etc. Through our technology platform, our students learn how to balance multiple avenues of communication and organize those conversations so they produce productive and relevant results.


While guided by a strategist and mentors, Crimson students are still expected to be organized in managing their academics, extracurriculars, and social life. We provide tools such as roadmaps that help students learn how to manage major projects in an effective and organized manner so that they can achieve their goals in every aspect of their lives.


Students make hundreds of decisions every day, and we work hard to make sure they have the skills they need when a large decision, like choosing a university, arises.


Writing with a specific prompt is straight-forward and can easily be learned. Writing creatively however? That is not often a skill taught to students. Through our essay review process, students are taught how to think creatively and expand on those thoughts in a collaborative and thoughtful way.


Paths to success are rarely a straight-and-narrow road, and it’s important that students understand how to solve problems as they arise. Through our extracurricular and leadership program, mentors support students as they launch their own initiatives and help them work through obstacles to move forward with their project. We help students recognize how to define a problem, come up with potential solutions, prototype & test their ideas, and launch their initiative.

Self-discovery & awareness

Students spend years in school learning how to analyze literature and characters, but spend very little time working through their own personal motivations, which is why the personal statement can be so difficult!. Through leadership initiatives and self-exploration with our strategists, our students learn more about themselves which leads to a better understanding of their own motivations and what they want to do with their lives. Learn more about why leadership and extracurricular opportuntities are important to be involved in.


College is the first time in a student’s life where they have such vast independence, and for many students this is a bit of culture shock (yes, even if they’re from the US already!). Through our program, students learn how to make effective decisions on their own, how to set goals and achieve them, and plan for their future; all in an environment where they have the support to fall back on should they need it.


Students will interview dozens of times in their lives, and we want them to feel confident as they walk both in and out of the interview room. From attire to thoughtful questions to ask, our students know how to make a successful first impression!

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