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UK Admissions Tests

There’s no doubt that most students applying to top UK universities have stellar grades; however, it’s the course specific admissions tests that often lift candidates above the competition and secure them an interview spot.

How Crimson Helps

Crimson boasts a wealth of experience and resources in the full range of tests required by Oxford, Cambridge and other leading UK universities.

Our tutoring programs are delivered by one of our experienced Admissions Tests Tutors - many of whom have graduated from Oxford, Cambridge and other top Russell Group universities themselves.

Test Introduction
Test introduction

Covering the format of the test and the skills it requires.

Practice tests
Practice Tests

For students wanting to master the BMAT, UCAT, LNAT, CLT, TSA, MAT, PAT and more.

Exam breakdown
Exam Breakdown

Working through every element of the exam and identifying a student's strengths and weaknesses to build tutoring strategy and optimise exam outcomes.

Test review
Practice Test Review

Analysis of practice test performance enabling constant adjustment of tutoring session planning aimed at maximum improvement.

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Strong Admission Results

Our students' high level test performances are evidenced in their high admission rates.

Crimson students are up to 4x more likely to gain acceptance into Oxford, Cambridge and other UK Top 10 universities.

Test Performance
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Thinking about Medicine or Law?

Students who are interested in studying medicine at Oxford or Cambridge are required to sit the BMAT, which tests their scientific knowledge, aptitude/skills and concept analysis and critical thinking.

Students interested in Law sit the LNAT or the CLT, which test verbal and reasoning skills, ability to interpret information, deductive and reasoning ability as well as ability to analyze information and draw conclusions.

UK Background
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What Crimson Alumni Are Saying!

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Ace your UK admissions tests.