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Learn from experts how to master the multiple mini-interview

Perfect the MMI

Interviewing for medical school entrance can be stressful, but with preparation and guidance from the experts at MedView, it will become second nature.

The expertise of our MMI tutors is unparalleled. Their guidance will help you build structure and cohesion into your interview responses.

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MMI Interview Workbook

A curated MMI reference guide to use throughout to track progress

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Leadership Guidance

Learn leadership skills and feel confident when speaking

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MMI Mock Interviews

Simulation interview process to replicate the exact environment of those for medical school

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High quality feedback

Receive constructive feedback from qualified advisors to build proper interview strategy for the MMI

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Why an MMI tutor is a good idea

Interviewing is hard. Even more so when you are applying for medical school.

Our MMI tutors are in the best position to help you navigate answering interview questions and presenting yourself well, while under pressure.

MedView’s MMI tutors can help you build a solid communication strategy - they have been there before and can offer insight into best practice in an interview setting.

Check out the best ways to prepare for the MMI

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