Harvard and Yale Model UN - Day 14: Harvard Model UN Catch-Up

Posted 3 years ago

27/01/2017: Our morning began exceptionally early with a 5am wake up to get ready to fly to our final destination, Boston! The flight was a relatively short one and we arrived in Boston around 9am, giving us the full day to explore.

We began by checking into our hotel and settling in before heading to the amazing Quincy Markets which was about a half an hour walk from our hotel. The markets had such an eclectic variety of stores and the food options were simply amazing! We were all very overwhelmed with choices, so, some of us decided to try a little of everything. After eating we wandered around the market looking for some one-of-a-kind gifts to take home to our families.

Quincy Markets

Once we finished at the markets, it was time for dinner. We headed to a mall which is attached to the hotel where the other half of our group is staying. Once dinner was finished, we headed over to see the HMUN students and find out how they were all going. After spending so much time together over the past few weeks, the few days we were apart felt like an eternity, and so much had happened to catch up on!

After catching up and reacquainting ourselves, we all hit the hay for an early night in preparation for our final few days of the tour

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