What Is Princeton's Acceptance Rate?

13 APR 2022

Princeton University chose to withhold its admissions statistics for the Class of 2026. These statistics included Princeton’s early and regular round admissions rate, number of applicants, demographics of accepted students, and statistics about SAT scores and GPAs.

Princeton’s Application Acceptance Rates Withheld For Class of 2026

According to an online announcement made on March 30, 2022, and one day before the annual Ivy Day, Princeton University “made the decision not to release admission data during the early action, regular decision and transfer admission cycles.” Instead, they will publish an announcement later in the year that focuses solely on Princeton’s enrolled Class of 2026.

Princeton still plans to report aggregate data about the admission cycle in the Common Data Set and to the state and federal governments.

Princeton reported that this monumental decision to not report acceptance rates was made so the university could focus more on the students and relieve some of the anxiety of applicants.

What is Princeton’s Acceptance Rate?

We estimate Princeton’s overall acceptance rate to be approximately 3-4% for the Class of 2026. Looking at admissions trends over the past five years, Princeton has been getting increasingly competitive, with the acceptance rate dropping by over 30% in 5 years.

Your best chance of getting into Princeton is to apply early, with the early acceptance rate hovering around 15%.

Princeton University Admissions Statistics
Class ofEarly Acceptance RateRegular Acceptance RateOverall Acceptance Rate

College acceptance calculatorPrinceton University Class of 2025 Admissions Profile

The Class of 2025 early admit profile included:

  • 22% first-generation students
  • 68% students of color (U.S. citizens and permanent residents)
  • Students from 74 countries

The Class of 2025 full profile included students from:

  • 12,298 high schools (64% from public schools)
  • 50 states, Washington D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • 164 countries

The incoming class was made up of 52% women and 48% men and 22% were first-generation college students.

How many students apply to Princeton University each year?

Thousands of students apply to Princeton each year. Getting into this prestigious school is extremely difficult, and competition has only increased in the last few years. For example, Princeton’s Class of 2020 had 29,303 applications and admitted 6.5% of applicants. Princeton’s Class of 2025 had 37,601 applicants and only accepted 3.98%!