Former Harvard and Stanford Admissions Officer Shares How to Ace Your STEM Application

Learn what Canadian students can do to get accepted to ultra-competitive STEM programs at universities like MIT, Stanford, CalTech, UC Berkeley and more! Join us for a deep dive into what top schools look for in the strongest STEM applicants.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

12:00 AM CUT


What goes into a winning STEM application?

Top universities like MIT, CalTech, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Georgia Tech have some of the most competitive STEM programs in the States. So how do you make sure yours rises above the rest?

In this webinar, a Former Harvard and Stanford Admissions Officer will cover:

  • What admissions officers look for in applicants to top STEM programs
  • How to strategically choose your high school courses for an intended STEM major
  • How to shape your extracurricular profile as a STEM applicant
  • How to stand out amongst other highly competitive students
  • A breakdown of top programs for STEM majors

Plus a LIVE Q&A at the end!


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Meet Your Speaker

Pam Ng

Pam is a Former Admissions Officer and graduate of both Harvard and Stanford, having earned her Bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies and Computer Science from Harvard and her PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford.

Pam formerly taught Neuroscience as part of the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies program and has been on the Admissions Committee for Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies, Stanford High School Summer College and Stanford Medical School. She is also a local and international judge for ISEF.

Pam has helped students gain admission to a number of top universities including Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Yale and many more!

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