Top 5 Reasons Why Canadian Students Should Study in the US

29 SEPT 2021

Choosing where to study is an exciting experience for Canadian students. “The world is your oyster,” as some like to say. Before finalizing your undergraduate application, consider exploring the renowned academics, high-quality education, transferable work experience, career opportunities, and diversity within the United States university systems. 

Recent trends show that many Canadian universities are receiving more applications yearly, which means acceptance rates are on a steady decline. As the Canadian application process becomes increasingly competitive, many students opt to study outside Canada. Have you considered being one of those students?

Canada is home to 97 universities, all of which offer unique opportunities and impressive academic programs. Enriched with diversity, it’s no surprise that Canadian universities saw a spike in applications within the last year. In 2021, Ontario universities saw 30,000 more applicants than the previous year, including secondary, non-secondary, and international students. 

As Canadian universities become more competitive, consider adding US universities to your application lists. When pursuing higher education, you must weigh your options and determine the best-fit university for you. Here are the top 5 reasons Canadian students should consider attending university in the US.

Renowned Academics

The US is home to some of the best universities in the world. Whether you’re looking to study law, computer science, medicine, engineering, or journalism, the US offers highly-ranked institutions and unique programs to its students. This year, US News compiled a list of the top universities in the world based on 13 key indicators, including academic performance and worldwide reputation. University of Toronto (UofT), the top school in Canada, ranked 18th on that list and the University of British Columbia (UBC) placed 31st — whereas US universities take eight of the Top 10 spots.

Quality of Education

While higher enrollment numbers may increase your chances of gaining acceptance to a particular university, you should consider the quality of education at these universities. UofT and UBC enroll a significantly higher number of students than universities such as Harvard or Columbia. Could the higher enrollment numbers contribute to the quality of education and overall rankings of the universities? 

University2021 Enrollment
Massachusetts Institute of Technology4,361
Yale University2,169
Harvard University1,968
Columbia University2,218
University of California- Berkeley ~16,400
University of Washington~23,000
University of British Columbia56,789
University of Toronto71,930

On average, top universities in the US have low admissions, leading to significantly smaller program class sizes. The quality of their education, internships, and research opportunities is statistically higher. UBC’s website notes that their median class size is 115 and has gone as high as 200 students in a first-year undergraduate class. Likewise, UofT’s class sizes averaged greater than 200 hundred students across each campus. So what does this mean?

  • Less one-on-one time with professors
  • Limited internship and co-op opportunities
  • Generalized academic structure with little focus on personalization
  • May negatively impact the student experience

Transferrable Work Experience and Career Opportunities

From internships to co-op opportunities, US universities offer specialized programs to students interested in diving deeper into their fields of study. Universities such as Stanford, Columbia, and Berkeley pride themselves on their employer-student connections and reputation among company recruiters, making them among the top universities for graduate employability. Within the same ranking, UofT places 19th and UBC trails behind at 41st.

Most students think long-term when they begin their academic journey, with a particular focus on their careers following graduation. Complimenting their outstanding employer connections, it’s no surprise that the same universities showed consistently high numbers of first-year graduate salaries, with many averaging at $50,000 USD. While the financial investment can be a bit daunting, the return on investment is worth it.

Whether students intend to apply for a work visa and extend their stay or return to Canada, research and internship experience obtained at university is an incredible plus to add to any resume.

Post-Grad Opportunities

Getting accepted to university means you’ll have open doors to endless possibilities, maybe even a graduate degree.

It’s common for students to earn a second degree. When it comes to getting into graduate school, where you received your undergraduate degree matters. As a Canadian student, your postgraduate opportunities are endless if you obtain an undergraduate degree in the US, especially from a top university. Even if you choose to pursue your graduate degree in Canada, presenting a letter of recommendation from well-recognized faculty members can increase your chances of standing out to admissions officers.

The People

Melting pot versus mosaic. The US maintains significant diversity on its university campuses! Similar to Canada’s mosaic structure, US universities are home to thousands of students from around the world. As a student in the US, you will become acquainted with distinct cultures and unique individuals while maintaining your studies.

In addition to the diverse student body, US universities include highly-ranked faculty and alumni. Establishing professional relationships with them opens the door to networking opportunities and mentorships that last beyond your time in university and well into your professional career.

Final Thoughts

Studying in the US as a Canadian student has countless benefits: world-class facilities, academic opportunities, and a positive return on investment following graduation. As more Canadian students turn to the US to pursue their undergraduate degrees, you can explore your options with Crimson Education and see how we can support you in reaching new academic heights.

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