Harvard and Yale Model UN - Day 13: Capitol Building, Washington DC

Posted 3 years ago

26/01/2017: Wow, today was definitely an eventful one!

We began our morning with a chat from Matt Luchins, who worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was extremely interesting to hear about his journey with Hilary as he took us through each stage, step-by-step, of what’s involved in a presidential campaign. The talk gave us some great insights into American politics and how it works, which is much more complex than New Zealand or Australian politics. You can hear the full talk with Matt Luchins and Yale Model United Nations delegate, Yash Dutt, on our Crimson Facebook page (HERE).

After the talk with Matt wrapped up, we searched for a place to grab breakfast and stumbled upon this great little sandwich shop called Potbelly, which was not only delicious but also low-calorie (how very un-American of us). We finished up at Potbelly and decided to walk to Capitol Building. On our way there, we passed The White House, which wasn’t as big as we had expected, though it was much more beautiful. Perhaps the size was simply a matter of perspective, as due to the inauguration of President Trump that took place a couple of days ago we weren’t able to get anywhere near the building! Once we arrived at Capitol Building, we were taken on a great tour by one of the official tour guides who let us in on all of the history that took place there including its early religious use, and some stories about famous (often infamous) protests and speeches that have taken place inside. I would highly recommend taking a tour if you are ever in DC.


After the tour, we then moved onto our next destination, which was the Lincoln Memorial. Oh, what a beautiful sight that was! We arrived at the perfect hour, just as the sun was setting over the Washington Monument, giving us all the perfect opportunity to take some photos. There were also a team of people on the steps who were campaigning for peace and, so, a couple of us stood in a photo with them in front of the Lincoln Memorial in order to honor and support peace! This felt like a particularly important moment of the tour considering all the turmoil in America at the moment.


Once the sun went down the weather dropped drastically, and it was very, very cold. and what’s more, we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and were all starving. We Ubered back to our hotel where we warmed up, added a few more layers to our stylish ensemble’s and then braved the cold again to hit up a pizzeria for some dinner. As we sat at the dinner table we challenged each other to put our phones away and whoever was the first to look at their screen had to pay for the bill! I’m glad to say no one succumbed to the temptation of their phone and we all spoke about our highs and lows of the day – there was a lot of chit chat around the dinner table. It was such a perfect way to end the most perfect day.

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