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Admissions to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities are becoming increasingly more competitive every year. Universities such as UCL and LSE have offer rates can be as low as 7% to specific subjects while 1 in 5 students that apply to Oxford and Cambridge secure an offer.

At Crimson, we have worked with thousands of students worldwide helping them in all areas of the university application from building their supercurricular profile to deciding what university, course (or college). With a network of over 2,400 mentors from universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, UCL, LSE, Kings, Bristol, Leeds, Edinburgh and St Andrews, Crimson students are guided by advisors that have been exactly where they want to go.

Crimson is a proud member of both the International Association for College Admission Counseling.

Build a Game-Changing Strategy

Admission to world-leading universities in the US is not simply about your grades. Every year the competition increases and understanding how to construct the perfect application requires time and foresight.

Crimson advisors help you structure what and where to study, and mentor you in activities that will best position you for success during the admissions process.

The Value of a Personalized Team

Each student is matched with a team of tutors and mentors through our sophisticated algorithm based on your personality, educational goals, learning style, and areas of interest.

Your Crimson team will assess your academic profile and evaluate your candidacy before creating an action plan to get you to the next level.

The Crimson App Combines Technology and Education

The Crimson App makes accessing the best academic strategy and support easier than ever. Connect with your mentors over video calls and record, save and replay your tutoring or mentoring sessions at any time.

With all sessions and notes stored in real time within the app, you can track changes and feedback in one place.

UK Strategist Profiles

Crimson Strategists are our most experienced admissions professionals. They have attended the most prestigious universities in the world and have assisted hundreds of students to gain entry into their best-possible programs at competitive institutions.
Nicole Teoh

Nicole is based in Singapore and leads Crimson’s UK Consulting team. She read History and Politics at University of Oxford and graduated with First Class Honours. Nicole has helped students gain admission into top 20 universities in the US as well as Russell Group universities in the UK. During her time in Oxford, she was involved in OxFizz, a student organisation providing Oxbridge interview preparation for students as well as the Access Office at her college aimed at helping students from under-represented schools across England gain entry into Oxford.

Melina Gehring

Melina has a Master of Philosophy in International Affairs from the University of Cambridge, and a Ph.D in American Studies from the University of Hamburg in her native Germany. She has helped hundreds of students improve their essays, theses, application materials, talks, and grant proposals, as well as secure prestigious scholarships such as the Rhodes, Fulbright and DAAD. As a Strategy Consultant at Crimson’s London office, she is passionate about providing admission strategies for top-tier universities.

George Baxter
New York

George carries forward a wealth of knowledge and experience in UK higher education. Hailing from the UK himself, he navigated the UCAS application process before choosing to pursue his undergraduate studies at Harvard University in the US. In the six years since his own applications, he has helped dozens of students gain admission to top US and UK universities, including juggernauts of education Oxford and Cambridge.

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