2018/19 Admissions Round Results

The Crimson Difference

Crimson’s mentoring helps shape, manage and motivate students, dramatically improving admission chances for their dream universities by making it up to 5 times more likely to get a top college offer than those who apply by themselves

Student Success Stories

What our students are saying

“My Crimson advisors not only knew everything about the process but really put in the time and encouraged me every step of the way.”

Chris Z., University of Pennsylvania - Class of 2023

“My Crimson team lifted my confidence during a hard Year 12. Crimson doesn’t tell you to apply exclusively to the Ivies. They craft a group of universities that are best for you.”

Allie B., Duke University – Class of 2023

“I had no idea how to get the whole process started and Crimson was great with helping me leverage my sporting and academic credentials and shaping a dialogue with coaches.”

Willem E., Harvard University - Class of 2023

“The application process for the US is a long and detailed journey. Crimson helped clarify my doubts and was critical with keeping me focused.”

Lucas C., Brown University, Class of 2023

“Crimson helped me in identifying my strengths and stringing them together cohesively on the application, particularly for activities and essays.”

Yi Chen W., University of Washington - Class of 2022

"Last year, I applied by myself and didn't have satisfactory results. This year, after working with Crimson, I got help with all aspects of the application process."

Maria O., University of North Carolina - Class of 2023

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