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Why Crimson SAT Tutoring?

Our tutors scored top marks on the SAT and are now studying at the best US universities – and they’ll help you do the same!

Crimson SAT tutoring works because it’s completely customised to you.

You start by taking the Crimson SAT Diagnostic Test which will gauge your current level of ability and identify the specific areas you need to work on. This enables us to match you with the most appropriate tutor – one whose biggest strengths are your weaknesses.

Tutoring sessions are tailored to your ability level and your individual learning plan is designed to enhance fundamental reading, writing and mathematics skills where necessary as well as SAT “test-specific” skills.

What is the SAT?

The SAT is one of two standardised tests you can sit in order to apply to US universities. The alternative exam is called the ACT but it isn’t quite as popular.

In 2016, the SAT got a facelift. The new SAT exam consists of four sections: Reading, Writing and Language, Math with calculator, and Math no calculator. There’s also an optional essay section.

All of the sections (minus the essay) are multiple choice and each section features at least one graph or table.

What is a good SAT score?

A good SAT score depends on which university you wish to attend.

Most top universities, such as the Ivy Leagues, look for students whose scores range between 1410 and 1600, out of the maximum 1600.

Keep in mind that US universities place a lot of emphasis on other application factors, such as extracurricular activities, so a perfect score won’t necessarily get you in (but it does help!). Additionally, not all universities have such high average SAT scores.

SAT vs. ACT: Which one?

The ACT is much tighter on time, which makes it harder to complete all the questions.

Some people work well under such strict time constraints while others struggle.

There’s no harm in taking both exams once, seeing which you prefer, and then retaking that exam. Or, simply sit a few practice exams to figure out which exam is best for you.

Most universities don’t prefer one exam over the other, so it’s best to sit the one that plays to your strengths.

SAT Study Guide

In order to do well on the SAT you must prepare at least six months in advance. Luckily, the SAT is a relatively predictable exam so there are steps you can take to ensure that your preparation will actually increase your score.

There are many ways you can prepare for the SAT including:

  • Creating a study schedule
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Studying with friends
  • Tracking your mistakes
  • Figuring out your strengths and weaknesses
  • Reading anything and everything

Work with the best tutors in the world

Gain access to a world-class network of more than 2,000 tutors and mentors, who can only join the Crimson family if they’re in the 95th percentile in their expert area. Work with the finest minds in the world and reach for your best-possible future.
Yale University

Lori is a chemistry major and premedical student at Yale University. She scored a 5 on 7 different AP subject tests and a 2370 on the SAT Reasoning Test and 800 in SAT Subject Chemistry, Latin, and Mathematics Level 2.

Michaela Kane
Harvard College

Michaela studies at Harvard College, majoring in statistics. She is an AP Scholar with Distinction and a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. She also scored a 2360 on the SAT Reasoning Test and a 800 on the SAT English Literature Subject Test.

Melissa Li

Melissa scored top marks in many US standardized exams, including a perfect 36 on the ACT and 800 on SAT Subject Literature, Math Level 2, and Chemistry exams, as well as a 2350 on the SAT Reasoning exam.

June Lee
Swarthmore College

June scored a 35 on the ACT exam and top marks on various AP and SAT Subject tests, helping her to gain admission into Swarthmore College with a full scholarship.

Jacky Ye
Swarthmore College

Jacky scored a 35 on the ACT and increased his SAT Reasoning score 400 points to a 2300. He is currently a student with a full scholarship at Swarthmore College.

Nick Curran
University of Illinois College of Medicine

Nick is a recent Mathematics graduate from Duke University, and is now studying at The University of Illinois College of Medicine. He scored a 5 in 5 AP classes and a 34 on the ACT. He also received a perfect 800 on the Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test.

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