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From day one, you’ll be connected with a tutor from a top graduate school who will create a personalised study plan for you based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Your time is valuable, so all of your tutoring sessions are conducted online in order to maximise efficiency and deliver the best results possible, no matter where you are (or your tutor is) in the world.

GRE Exam Explained

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is required for entry to most graduate programs around the world.

The exam has three sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. Altogether, the exam takes about four hours to complete, taking into account optional breaks.

You can take the exam online or on paper. The GRE is offered three times a year on paper both in the US and internationally, and year-round online in most locations.

How is the GRE Scored?

If you take the GRE online, the “adaptive” scoring system will be in place.

Your performance on the first portion of both the Verbal and Quantitative section determine how difficult the next portion of both sections will be. This means that If you score well on the first set of questions, your next set will be more difficult but you’ll be able to achieve a higher score.

If you take the exam on paper, there are medium difficulty questions and the scorer takes into account the level of difficulty so that no matter how you take the exam, the scoring is fair.

What is a Good GRE Score?

A good GRE score is 330+, which which equates to 710+ on the GMAT. To achieve this score, you’ll need at least 168 in the Verbal section and 162 in the Quantitative section.

Certain grad programs may weigh one section heavier than another, but of course you don’t want to take any chances and it’s better to aim for the highest score possible in each section.

Take a look at the specific courses you are interested to find out what GRE scores they expect.

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Fangzhou J.
Australian National University

Fangzhou scored 760 in the GMAT, good enough for the 99th percentile, and also achieved the perfect score on the quantitative section of the GRE. He’s interned with Goldman Sachs Program Trading initiative and studied a Bachelor of Commerce / Advanced computing at ANU.

Jamie B.
Harvard, Stanford

Jamie scored in the 99th percentile for both the GRE and GMAT. He’s translated this success into becoming the youngest admit to Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Richard N.
Oxford, Cambridge

Richard scored in the 99th percentile for the qualitative and verbal scores on the GRE. He has a BA in computer science and philosophy from Oxford University, placed first in his class, and a masters in computer science from Cambridge University

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