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MMI Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MMI?

MMI stands for Multiple Mini Interview, and this is the final hurdle of the journey to medical school entry. They are designed to assess student compatibility to the degree beyond pure academic performance.
Interviews are testing whether you have communication skills which are so essential to being a good doctor.

Who is eligible?

Students are eligible and will be invited for an interview based their scores from either the UCAT or GAMSAT exams.

What happens during the MMI?

During the MMI, an applicant moves from station to station in timed intervals. Each station will be a separate interview to assess a different soft skill. Prior to each interview, students will be given a prompt, normally in text or video format. In the short breaks between each station you are given evaluate the next prompt. These prompts can be interpreted differently and are often intentionally vague to assess how you navigate ambiguous situations.

MMIs will typically be delivered face to face. Some interviewing stations do allow for video conferencing.

How is the MMI evaluated?

During each station, after your interview the interviewer will assess your performance based on the Likert scale from 1-10, where 1 is “Unsuitable for the profession”, and 10 is “Outstanding”. You will no receive any feedback from an inteviewer at any time throughtout the interview.

These interviewers are not evaluating your pre-xisting medical or clinical knowledge, but rather how you communicate, navigate difficult situations, process information, and overall suitability for a position in the medical field.

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