Tutor Q&A: Alice Kim

Posted 3 years ago

Currently, Crimson Tutor, Alice Kim, is pursuing a Bachelor of Accountancy at Massey University in Auckland. We spoke with her about her university experience, her passion for tutoring and asked her to give some advice to high school students considering their further study options. Read our conversation below:

How did you choose Massey university? What questions did you ask yourself?

I chose Massey University based on my personal criteria. The main criteria factor for me was flexibility given working for Westpac was an important aspect of my life, which I needed to sustain.

Are you involved in any initiatives/clubs/organisations at Massey?

This year, I have been a class representative for all my internal papers at university, acting as the communication bridge between lecturers and peer students. I was also one of the executive committee members of the Massey University Accountancy Club, where my role involved liaising with the university, sponsors and other external organisations to host events in best interest for accounting students.

Why do you think it’s important for other students to step outside their comfort zone and attend a top ranked university?

In my opinion, the importance for students to attend top ranked universities comes from the root idea that top ranked universities will change students in so many various ways. Top ranked universities attract students of the highest calibre from all different backgrounds. On that note, students will be competing against some of the most intelligent and hardworking counterparts, which is healthy and beneficial in nature. Additionally, attending top ranked universities will push students to become global citizens, given the network of students as well as lecturers will be culturally and socially diverse, which is a critical success factor in becoming well prepared for any steps students may wish to take upon graduating.

How has studying at Massey provided you with unique opportunities?

Studying at Massey University has provided me a range of networking opportunities be it with lecturers or external organisations, which I found to be quite unique.

What would you like to do once you finish university?

My plan post finishing university is to gain chartered accountancy whilst working in either the audit or the transactional services division at one of the big 4 accounting firms.

What made you want to become a tutor/mentor with Crimson?

I firmly believe in the company's mission statement of "Learn. Achieve. Inspire greatness." Crimson is not only an educational service provider, but also a supportive network for students wanting to take learnings paths different from the standard learning path. I think such network was much needed prior to Crimson being established, which led me wanting to work with Crimson to help students reach their academic potential and ambition.

What do you love most about tutoring/mentoring students?

The turning point in my personal life was when my high school accounting teacher identified my academic potential and encouraged me to pursue academic success. I have been presented with so many different opportunities ranging from scholarships to career related opportunities as a result of that turning point. On that note, what I love the most about tutoring students is that it enables me to connect with students in being able to encourage them to reach their full academic potential.

What achievements are you most proud of?

The most recent achievement I am most proud of is receiving A+ for all my university papers to date whilst being involved in co-curricular activities and working three jobs of which one is working at Westpac for 20 hours a week across 4 days. Another achievement would be being featured in the New Zealand Korea Town magazine in the cover page as being a role model for local Korean students. Another achievement I was most proud of last year was having gained 'Top Scholar' in NCEA Accounting Scholarship examination within the cohort of approximately 3000 students.

Do you have any role models?

My high school accounting teacher is undoubtedly my greatest role model. He taught me well beyond simple high school NCEA curriculum. He was the first person to identify and believe in my academic potential, which eventually led me to become academically successful. I learnt to never underestimate my potential and to always seize any arising opportunities from my accounting teacher, which is my current life motto.

What do you do for fun?

My main hobby is going on spontaneous food adventures with my friends, in search for the best food places in Auckland!

What advice do you have for current high school students considering their future study options?

Some advice I would really like to pass on to current high school students is just to consider a wide variety of options whether it be the degree itself, the university or even the geographic location of the university. The tradition in New Zealand is for high school students to carry on with higher education in New Zealand, typically at a local university. Although this may be suitable for degrees which are quite specific such as law, there could be better opportunities available at other educational institutions in different regions of New Zealand or in other countries. So I would encourage for all to keep an open mind.

What impact would you like to leave on the world?

I would like to leave an overall positive impact on the world by always giving back to the community, first starting with working hard in whichever role I pursue in whichever organisation and also by being a courteous global citizen.

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