Harvard and Yale Model UN - Day 12: Washington DC and Boston.

Posted 3 years ago

26/01/2017: Today was quite a sad day of the tour as we would be splitting up into two groups: those who were participating in the Harvard Model UN (HMUN) and those who would be travelling to Washington DC.

After farewelling our friends with hugs, kisses and high-fives, the Harvard MUN team hopped on shuttles and headed off to the airport. While checking-in to our flight, we bumped into polarising YouTube sensation, Jacob Satorius. The students on the tour were clearly quite star struck and took the opportunity to snap pictures with the teen singer (although we soon realised he was boarding the same flight as us ... awkward). Having checked-in and boarded the plane for our short flight to Boston, Massachusetts. Diligent students used the time to write opening speeches for the HMUN Conference; others, exhausted from days past, used the opportunity to sleep.

After landing in Boston, the weather was a beautiful contrast to the dreary rain of Philadelphia, although, Still a chilly 4°C. The sun made a brief appearance as we exited the airport which lifted everyone’s spirits, temporarily distracting the team from empty stomachs and fatigue. A shuttle took us straight to the Sheraton Hotel, our home base and conference location for the next week. As we arrived in the lobby, we were greeted with a holographic projection: “Welcome to the Harvard Model United Nations Conference 2017.” There were multiple other delegations hanging around the lobby, and seeing so many delegates around gave us a sense of how big the conference was going to be; twice the size of YMUN, to be precise. We checked in, settled in and set off on a relaxing afternoon of exploration and eating. Most of us stayed close to the hotel, eating at places like Wagamama, Eataly, Dunkin Donuts and Pinkberry. Others spent time shopping at Cos, Underarmour (Go Patriots), Barnes and Noble and Saks Fifth Avenue. Overall, it was a very relaxing afternoon and evening with lots of free time spent pottering around. We were definitely grateful to relax before HMUN tomorrow - it’s going to be a fantastic, jam-packed week ahead!

For the other group who head off to Washington DC, today was another day of travel and eating! The two-hour train ride from Philadelphia gave us all enough time to have a nap before arriving to our next destination.

Once we arrived, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and headed to Georgetown to have a look around. Georgetown is known for it’s historic buildings, famous eateries and live jazz bars. Since the sun goes down quite early here, we decided to get dinner at a reasonable time. We ended up at the Cheesecake Factory around 5:30pm, which was absolutely amazing. The winter sun was setting as we sat in a classic American style restaurant, with portions too big for any one human to stomach. Although, because we were all rather hungry by this stage, the Cheesecake Factory portions were a welcome sight and some of us were up to the challenge! Sitting in the diner, it seemed as though we all had the same realisation in that moment how lucky we are to be on this amazing trip!

The day rounded up there with heading back to the hotel for some chill out time eating our different cheesecake leftovers, playing cards, and watching some television. Tomorrow should be another eventful day, make sure you keep reading our blog and checking out all the pictures of our travels on our Facebook page.

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