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Less than 5% of applicants make it through our rigorous screening process
You'll learn from tutors who are deeply passionate about their subjects
Track your progress with reports from each session, showing improvement
Recent NCEA graduates share insider knowledge on how to succeed

Acing the NCEA blows open the doors of opportunity in New Zealand and abroad

Acing Year 13 will increase your chances of gaining admission into the university of your dreams. With the support of Crimson’s recently graduated NCEA experts specialising in all subjects and courses across the curriculum, you can achieve your full potential in your final year of high school. Our past NCEA students have gone on to receive excellence in many of their subjects and some even awarded the Prime Minister’s Scholarship.

Choose your tutors

Take control of the learning process by selecting tutors you think are the right fit for you. Moreover, you have the flexibility to build a schedule which suits your timetable. Tutoring is conducted over Skype for your convenience. Without the additional travel, you’ll have more time to pursue your other interests and passions.

Focus on lifting grades

No matter where your grades are now, when you work with our team, your standards will improve quickly. That’s our key focus area.

Student-led or tutor-directed

Got something you need to work on? Let’s work on that. Don’t know where to start? Let the tutors lead! You’ll have complete autonomy over how to use your tutoring. You can even have more intense sessions near big internals and leading up to end-of-year exams.

Tie-ins with NZQA Scholarship

Your tutors are very experienced in the NZQA Scholarship, particularly for Level 2 and 3. You can get their support, mentoring, strategy advice and academic tutoring to help prepare for these examinations, on top of NCEA.

Help with optimal subject selection

Support and insights from expert tutors who can assess your aspirations, interests and passions and help you choose subjects aligned towards achieving your dreams.

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