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Why Crimson US Admissions Consulting?

Crimson is the most awarded admissions consultancy in the world and has helped students carve a path into the best US universities, including the Ivy League, in the face of intense competition.

If you want access to Harvard, Yale, Stanford and other top US universities, do not settle for less. Work with our global network of strategists, mentors, alumni and students, who can give your application the care and expertise it needs to get noticed.

Connect to our powerful technology platforms, which give you access to the brightest minds in the world and give you transparency over your learning package.

Crimson succeeds when our students succeed - so we will empower you to be the best version of yourself, and reach for your best-possible college.

Why do you need a Crimson application strategy?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of students compete for places at the best US and UK universities. Crimson’s Strategy Consultants develop bespoke programs for each of our students, which maximise their strengths and builds them the strongest profile possible. This allows students to reach for universities that would otherwise be closed to them.

Every year, we see students fail to achieve their ambition because of a lack of strategy. If you're truly committed, an application strategy is essential to your chances of success.

What does a personalised team do?

Competition for places at top universities is getting fiercer with each passing year. One-size-fits-all solutions are no longer viable, rather students need personalised roadmaps to success.

This is what Crimson provides: clear strategy, a team matched to a students needs and transparency over the learning package.

These people empower Crimson students to go the extra mile and give them the clarity they need to navigate the complex admissions process.

How does technology improve your chances?

Typically, geography restricts the type of tutors and mentors a student can access. Crimson destroys this barrier with the incredible Crimson App.

This platform allows students to connect with the world’s finest minds without restriction.

Instead of working with your city’s best tutor, you work with the world’s best tutor.

Accordingly, technology removes the obstacles that limit all Crimson students’ potential and helps them elevate their profiles to an exciting new level.

US Strategist Profiles

Crimson Strategists are our most experienced admissions professionals. They have attended the most prestigious universities in the world and have assisted hundreds of students to gain entry into their best-possible programs at competitive institutions.
Bob Fan
Florida, USA

Bob is a University of Michigan-Ann Arbor grad, majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology. He was the president of his fraternity, coordinated a freshman mentorship program, managed a bubble tea store, and cheered for his beloved Wolverines.

Geoff Kyi
Hong Kong

Geoff braved the frigid Northeast to study Psychology at Brown University. He served primarily as a Teaching Fellow furthering Teach For China’s vision of increasing access to quality education for every child regardless of birth place or family circumstance.

Megan Summers
New Jersey, USA

Megan is based in New Jersey and provides strategy to US-bound applicants based around the globe. She earned her BA in History and African American Studies from Princeton University, as well as her certification in secondary education.

Christian Rabin
California, USA

Christian calls sunny California home. He is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy ’98 and Brown University ‘03. He studied abroad at McGill University and holds a M.A. in English Literature, being selected as an Outstanding Graduate in 2011.

Heidi Gay

Heidi Gay is Crimson's resident Strategy Consultant for the Vietnam office. She received her BA in French and Francophone Literature from Bryn Mawr College, with a minor in Fine Arts (Photography) from Haverford College. She is also currently an alumni interviewer for the College's Office of Admissions, where she previously worked for three years. Heidi has been working with students primarily from Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam since 2009, and her students have gained admission to top-tier universities in Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, the UK and the US.

George Baxter
New York

George carries forward a wealth of knowledge and experience in UK higher education. Hailing from the UK himself, he navigated the UCAS application process before choosing to pursue his undergraduate studies at Harvard University in the US. In the six years since his own applications, he has helped dozens of students gain admission to top US and UK universities, including juggernauts of education Oxford and Cambridge.

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