You sit the UMAT in July, and your results will be released in late September.

In order to ensure your results are kept confidential, your UMAT results will not be released over the phone or by fax. Instead, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your results via the Australian Centre for Education Research (ACER) website, or the same instructions via regular mail.

ACER will forward all of your UMAT results to all the UMAT Consortium universities listed in this blog.

The universities will then match your UMAT results with your submitted university application – it’s as simple as sitting the test and waiting!

Required UMAT Results

So now you’ve got your results, how do you know whether you’re going to get in?

Easy question! Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to answer.

We cannot provide you with any detailed information about the selection criteria or cut-off scores for the UMAT results because each university has their own selection criteria, and this often varies from year to year.

However, there are some general rules for you to consider when looking at the score you need to get into your dream university.

Often your UMAT results and your final high school results will be assessed at the same time and are considered proportionally. This means that the higher your UMAT score, the lower your ATAR score can be and vice versa.

Since you are applying for medicine, dentistry and health science, the margin for error is relatively slim.

As an example, a student with an ATAR of 99.45 and a UMAT score in the 70th percentile can still gain admission despite their UMAT score being far from perfect. Alternatively, a student with a UMAT score in the 95th percentile can receive offers despite their ATAR ranking dropping from 99 to 95.

All results are relative, however, so don’t limit your potential and always aim for the highest score possible.

Remember, though, that these figures are just guidelines, and should not be considered gospel. They merely offer ballpark figures of the sort of numbers you should be striving for as an aspiring med student.

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