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Preparing for the GAMSAT is the key to success.

However, with most of the questions and sections assessing your ability to understand and analyse written and graphically presented material while also assessing your ability to reason, make logical deductions and form judgments, it can be hard to know how and where to start with your preparations.

In fact, many past students have said that figuring out how to prepare for the GAMSAT was the hardest part!

Given the broad subject area of the GAMSAT, you will need to draw upon a variety of skills acquired over a long period of time.

The amount and style of preparation you do will largely depend on whether you’re a science or non-science graduate.

Non-science graduates:

The best place to start is by covering basic sciences!

The GAMSAT covers scientific concepts that students learn in their first year of a science degree at uni.

Brush up on science 101 and also look at material from your final year of high school!

Crimson can help you beef up your science knowledge by connecting you with one of our tertiary level science tutors for a crash course!

Once you’re up to speed, move on to the next section.

Science graduates:

You can either take a refresher science course, which we recommend, or you can move on to preparing for sections 1 and 2 of the GAMSAT: the written communication, and problem-solving and reasoning sections.

The best way to prepare for these sections is to read widely. Doing so may seem like you’re fumbling around in the dark, but it will help you tremendously once you start the practice tests and are asked to analyse and understand specific texts.

Keep a journal of everything you’ve read, whether it be poems, novels, short stories or anything else, and take notes on each reading.

As you’re taking notes, try to understand and clearly communicate what you are reading. This will not only help you identify the implied meanings in the text but it will also help you write concisely.

Assessors look for clear, concise opinions and judgements when grading your exam, and the more you practise this style of writing, the better you will be.

Next Steps:

Once you're up to speed with reading and formulating opinions, start sitting GAMSAT practice tests as frequently as possible under the same time constraints you’ll be subject to on the day!

While it may seem tedious to dive back into your old textbooks, refresh your basic science knowledge and read and write constantly, it will all be worthwhile when you ace your test and get into your dream university!

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