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University Paper Workshops

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Our University Paper workshops are designed to offer support for core papers during your first year of university. We offer revision courses which cover lecture content and help prepare you for mid-semester tests and final exams for each of your chosen papers.

These high-yield and useful classes are taught by tutors who gained A-pluses or topped their cohort for each core paper. They will help you focus your studies on what you actually need to know, placing emphasis on the difficult questions or concepts encountered each week.

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Supportive Tutors

Our tutors are very experienced at teaching and are current medical students. They have each achieved an A+ in their respective subjects and know what it takes to attain top results

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Worksheets & Resources

As part of your chosen course, you will receive complementary resources to support your learning

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Curriculum Specific Support

Workshops to suit every students curriculum needs

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Private Tutoring

Extra support designed to cater to your personal academic needs

Check out the best ways to excel in your University papers

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