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GAMSAT Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GAMSAT?

The GAMSAT is the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test. It is used in Australia, New Zealand and the UK for admission into a range of health science courses including medicine and dentistry. It was devised over a decade ago to replicate the MCAT, however has since evolved from a knowledge test into an aptitude exam, making it easier for non-science students to perform well. The GAMSAT is 6 hours long and broken down into the following sections:

  1. Reasoning in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Written Communication
  3. Reasoning in the Physical and Biological Sciences

Who is eligible?

Students who are in their final or final-minus-one year of an undergraduate degree, or up to ten years after completion of their undergraduate degree.

When can I take the GAMSAT?

Candidates can opt to take the GAMSAT on the 24th or March or 12th of September. For a given academic year, the GAMSAT can be taken twice.

When can I register?

Candidates must apply to the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) online registration system to register and then book a test. Registrations begin in November and end at the start of February for the March exam.

Where can I sit the GAMSAT?

Candidates can choose to sit the GAMSAT in major metropolitan and regional sites.

Major Testing Centres:


United Kingdom


United States
Washington DC

New Zealand

How long do my results last?

Results are received mid-may for the March GAMSAT and November for the September GAMSAT. Expect these results to hold currency for one year.

Will I need the GAMSAT to study postgraduate medicine?

Yes, all postgraduate medicine programs require the GAMSAT.

How much does it cost to sit?


How is the GAMSAT score calculated?

It's impossible to predict your own GAMSAT Score from test material. The score is calculated from (1x your section 1 results, 1x your section 2 results and 2x your section 3 results) /4. Your score in each of those areas is relative to everyone else's score, and is thus not something you can calculate yourself.

When should I choose to sit the GAMSAT?

The GAMSAT can be sat in March or September. The March sitting corresponds to a quiet period in the first semester of University. The September sitting corresponds to a much more busy period towards the end of semester two.

How is the GAMSAT different to the UCAT?

The GAMSAT is not a problem solving exam like the UCAT. It requires you to study in the areas of biology, chemistry and physics, and requires you to develop your essay-writing skills.

When is the best time to start preparing?

Preparation is key to performing to your best in the GAMSAT. Unlike curriculum-based testing, the GAMSAT tests skills, your application of logical reasoning, and your application of first principles. Whilst we believe the earlier the better, we would advise the average candidate to start preparing up to a year in advance. Most students will start preparing in the summer holidays preceding their test year.

Where can I find more information?

The ACER website has more information for your perusal:

Check out the best ways to prepare for the GAMSAT

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