Tutor Q&A: Hugo Brown

Posted 3 years ago

Currently, Crimson Tutor, Hugo Brown, is studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)/Bachelor of Commerce on a full-scholarship in his hometown at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Hugo chatted with us about his passion for tutoring, the people who inspire him and the impact he wants to leave on this world.

When you were in high school, did you ever think you would be studying at The University of Auckland (UOA)? If so, when did you start thinking of attending that university?

Yes, I was pretty sure that I would go to The University of Auckland from about Year 12. I had used their facilities for chemistry olympiad and I did a university maths paper there in year 13, so it seemed natural that I would keep going there.

Was there a meaningful moment that made you feel you could attend a top ranked university?

When I was selected to represent New Zealand at the 47th International Chemistry Olympiad and won a bronze medal. Also, when received a Premier Scholar Award in 2015.

How did you choose the UOA? What questions did you ask yourself?

I chose to go to the University of Auckland largely due to the scholarship that I received. I hadn't really considered going overseas for university because there was no information about its feasibility while I was at high school.

What extracurricular activities do you feel helped you through the application process?

I was involved in many different extracurricular activities such as rowing, squash, hockey, debating and mooting. I also participated in a Chemistry Olympiad and attended the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra.

Are you involved in any initiatives/clubs/organisations at your university?

I am part of the University of Auckland Squash Club and Investment Club.

Why do you think it’s important for other students to step outside their comfort zone and attend a top ranked university?

I think it's important to meet people who know and believe completely different things to you, and a good way to do this is to attend a top ranked university.

What do you love most about studying at the UOA?

I quite enjoy actually living in Auckland, as it’s a bit busier than the mount. I guess it is just different so it was fun. The social scene is also really cool, such as the clubs. I met quite a few people at the UOA squash club. There is also a lot of help offered academically and socially, in addition to a lot of future career planning.

How has studying at the UOA provided you with unique opportunities?

Studying at the University of Auckland has really helped with networking opportunities for when I eventually get a job. It seems like every week there is a different company coming to the university to meet and talk to us.

What made you want to become a tutor/mentor with Crimson?

I was looking for a part-time job because I was finding myself bored at university. I had always enjoyed helping teach people subjects at high school so I thought it could be a good opportunity for me to help others. I also met several people at university that worked with Crimson as tutors and they said it was a good place to work.

What do you love most about tutoring/mentoring students?

I find that it’s the best way to give back what I know. I realise academic subjects are difficult for the majority of students, so I like being able to help make it easier for students.

What advice do you have for current high school students considering their future study options?

Do not study something just because of the perceived prestige of the job. If it isn't what you are interested in, you won't enjoy it and you’re wasting your time and money.

What would you like to do once you finish university?

I would like to go on to study further, most likely get a PhD, hopefully overseas.

What achievements are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my bronze medal at International Chemistry Olympiad and being a recipient of the Premier Scholar Award.

Do you have any role models - who inspires you?

Leonhard Euler because of his significant contributions to scientific and mathematical understanding, particularly Euler–Bernoulli beam theory, which is fundamental to structural engineering.

What do you do for fun?

I play squash regularly and enjoy trading in the sharemarket in my free time. I am also a fan of the odd wine tasting.

What impact would you like to leave on the world?

I definitely want to leave the world in a better state than when we inherited it. Whether that be by helping implement better infrastructure worldwide with an engineering degree or just making students schooling a bit easier and bearable through tutoring.

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