Harvard and Yale Model UN - Day 9: Final Day at Yale University

Posted 3 years ago

Day 9 of our tour marked not only the final day of Yale Model United Nations, but also the halfway point of our trip.

Yo We woke up and headed to our final committee sessions, sprawled around the biting cold of perhaps the most intricately time-honoured campus of our trip, Yale. We were exhausted but buzzing with excitement. Familiar faces were defined by countries, and as we placed our adored placards on the backs of our chairs, we awaited the beginning of decision making and the end of a remarkable experience.

Unmoderated caucuses passed; placards were raised high; endless 30 second speaking times pursued, and finally, votes were placed. Whether our working papers passed, or failed, we undoubtedly all gained diplomacy, research, public speaking, and countless more delegate skills. While the two bangs of the gavel signaled the end, it also signalled the beginning of us taking off our rose-tinted glasses, and seeing a less naive reality.

Debating issues covering migrant worker’s rights to women’s sexual and reproductive health, not only gave me the power to learn about varying world views, but also taught a life-long lesson. Representing Qatar immersed me into an opposite, yet intertwining, culture to the one I am currently familiar with. Before my first speech, looking around at unfamiliar faces with even more unfamiliar accents, I did not expect the shift of atmosphere that ensued by the time our placards went down. After debate was closed, it was time for some less Model UN-like fun. Voting for “superlatives” like “most likely to fall asleep during committee” and “best dancer” proved to be embarrassing and vastly entertaining as we saw a display of dance moves across the stage. Of course, us New Zealanders did not fail to receive “best accent”!

It was time for the final speeches and awards - where some of our Australian and New Zealand delegates received honourable and verbal mentions. With some final farewell hugs, it was time to part ways with the people who we will undoubtedly see leading the future.

Written by participant of the Yale Model UN, Angela Chang.

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