Harvard and Yale Model UN Tour - Day 3: New York City

Posted 3 years ago

16/01/2017: Today has been yet another full day but this time it was filled with travel! We made our way from San Francisco to New York City, during which most of us chose to catch up on some much needed sleep.

We arrived safely at JFK airport around 9pm local time. Our first destination was to drop our bags and check in to our hotel. Though our time here so far has been brief, our hotel is located in Chelsea, an ideal area of Manhattan for tourists. Only a brief walk downtown and a simple stroll to midtown, Times Square. Our location will offer a great opportunity for us to explore all of New York City in the days to come; everything is right at our doorstep (although, I’m sure that’s true for most of Manhattan).

After dropping our bags at the hotel we headed straight over to Sharndre and Jamie’s place, the co-founders of Crimson Education, where, in true New Yorker style, we had pizza and played an icebreaking game called Mafia. It was amazing to see their place in New York and hear about their lifestyle of what it is like running Crimson Education so far away from their homeland of New Zealand! It was inspiring for all the Crimson students to hear about the different challenges and achievements both Jamie and Sharndre have encountered since starting Crimson.


After a fun night spent at their apartment, we made a move back to our hotel in Chelsea. By the time we arrived and were ready for bed, it was well after midnight. It was another long, fun day on our Harvard and Yale Model UN Tour, and tomorrow should prove to be no different. We have planned tours of both Columbia University and NYU!

We’re also documenting our trip on Instagram and Instagram stories so be sure to follow us @crimsoneducation.

Stay tuned for more updates

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