Harvard and Yale Model UN Tour - Day 10: Farewell, Yale. Hello, Philadelphia

Posted 3 years ago

24/01/2017: After an eventful three days participating in the Yale Model UN, today was a little more relaxed than we’ve come to expect of our tour around the US. With YMUN now behind us, we said goodbye to New Haven and hopped on a train and headed to Philadelphia. The four hour ride provided us a good opportunity to catch up on some rest.

Once we arrived in Philadelphia, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and headed out to do something a bit different: the Philadelphia Room Escape. We had so much fun trying to uncover all the clues and crack all the codes! To make the escape more interesting, we split into two groups and competed to see who could get out first. Unfortunately, for Latifa and Tamika’s group, Danielle and Guy’s team narrowly won. Results aside, everyone had a great time! I would definitely recommend the Escape Room to anyone visiting Philadelphia.

Once we finished up at the Room Escape we all headed back to the hotel for dinner and called it a day shortly after. To get ready for more activities tomorrow we thought it best to catch up on as much lost sleep as possible!

Stay tuned for all our adventures around philadelphia tomorrow here on our blog or head to our Facebook and Instagram page.

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