Class of 2026 Early Admission Results: Crimson Students Breaking Records

20/12/20212 minute read
Class of 2026 Early Admission Results: Crimson Students Breaking Records

In one of the most competitive early rounds to date, Crimson students have broken new records in their groundbreaking acceptances to the best universities in the US.

Despite many schools reporting a decrease in early round acceptance rates, Crimson students’ offers to schools like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale have increased — a real tribute to the students, their families, and the students’ Crimson mentors who worked closely with them to create their admission worthy applications.

Crimson’s Class of 2026 Early Decision and Early Action Results

Even with these incredibly low acceptance rates, Crimson is thrilled to report our students are smashing our previously high early round records!

Here are just some statistics on our Class of 2026 early round results so far (with more reporting coming in by the minute):

  • 44+ early admits to the Ivy League with half of these students admitted into the most competitive: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia
  • 6+ early admits to Stanford and MIT
  • 56+ early admits to the US Top 10
  • A combined 20+ early admits to Duke, UChicago, Northwestern, and Johns Hopkins
  • 17 early admits to NYU
  • More than 200 early admits to the US Top 50 universities

Class of 2026 Early Admission Final Thoughts

With regular round deadlines just days/weeks away, the 2022-2023 college admission cycle promises to be one of our most exciting yet! We have high hopes for our wonderful regular round applicants, knowing that their tallies will only build upon what is a phenomenal start to Crimson’s Class of 2026. We can’t wait to share their success stories with you!

Keep an eye on our blog and website for more early and regular round admission results. In the meantime, if you are excited to learn more about how acceptances like these can be part of your future, you can contact one of our admissions counselors for a free one-hour, highly personalized consultation by clicking on the link below.

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