What is Princeton University?

Disclaimer: There is no formula or secret sauce to getting into top US colleges. Crimson knows that everyone is different, and helps every student reach their own potential through bespoke service offerings.

Key Princeton Facts:

Score expectations:

GPA: 3.75+ SAT: 1470-1590 ACT: 32+

Desired traits:

  • Strong academics
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Well-rounded with interests beyond the classroom

Acceptance rate:


QS World University Rankings:


US News ranking:


Difficulty ranking:

Extremely high! Of all the Ivy Leagues, Princeton places the greatest emphasis on academic grades.

Admissions requirements:

  • High school academic transcript
  • An ACT or SAT score
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Application essay
  • Extracurricular activities

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A little more about Princeton

Unfortunately, there is no secret formula to gain acceptance to any of the top US schools. However, there are subtle differences in admissions criteria between the top universities, even between the Ivy Leagues. Let’s take a look at what Princeton looks for in an applicant.

Of all the Ivy Leagues, Princeton has one of the more generic application processes with a heavy emphasis placed on academic grades and being a well-rounded student. For this reason, Princeton requires a lot of preparation time to gain admission.

Due to its preference for well-balanced candidates, one of Princeton’s greatest strengths is in the variety of talents, experiences, and points of view that are welcomed in with each new batch of students. Attending Princeton will expose you to this eclectic network of impressive students.

Having said this, there are some qualities Princeton hopes all students share, including integrity, a passion and interest in learning, and a commitment to passions beyond the classroom.

The Princeton student is:

  • Academically accomplished
  • Intellectually curious
  • Well-rounded
  • Diverse

Is this you? If so, now all you need to do is work on your extracurricular examples and make sure your grades are up to scratch!

While there is no official cut-off score, with each mark you drop, your chances of admission are reduced. A good GPA to aim for is 3.75+ (near perfect, top of the class). In 2016, the average high school GPA of the admitted class was 3.87 on the 4.0 scale. That’s pretty impressive! You need to make sure you’re working hard in class to achieve those grades.

As for standardised tests, the expectations are still high, though there is a little more room to move. In 2015, less than 4% of the admitted class scored below 31 on the ACT while a vast majority of students scored 35+, a near perfect score out of 36. On the SAT, the majority of 2015’s incoming applicants scored 1590+ out of 1600, while less than 3% of the incoming class scored below 1410.

Princeton, as you can probably tell, values academic scores very highly and it’s important that you know the ins and outs of the standardised tests and maintain your grades in class, too.

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As well as ensuring you secure the required grades, Crimson can help you boost the other elements of your candidacy and increase your chances of getting into Princeton. Our Academic Advisors have successfully navigated the application process many times before and they know what Princeton admissions officers look for.

What about career prospects?

Princeton is highly regarded when it comes to setting up students for employment post university, so much so that it’s often referred to as a “feeder” school, consistently supplying graduates with pathways into top, global companies.

The most popular careers for Princeton students, much like the other Ivy Leagues, are in the fields of finance and management consulting.

Can you get into Princeton?