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UK vs US: The Best Universities for IB and IGCSE Students

As a high school student, you are a competitive applicant to both UK and US universities. So how do you choose where to apply? Join this free webinar with George Baxter, Senior US & UK Strategy Consultant, and learn which university system is best for you! Apr 1st 2023, 10:00 am (UK time)


Offers to Ivy League universities


Offers to Oxford & Cambridge


Offers to the US Top 50 universities


Offers to the UK Top 10 universities

Where should you apply as an IB student? Join us to find out!

In this FREE online webinar, Crimson’s admissions expert, George Baxter, will go over the major differences between the UK and US admissions processes, so you can choose which university system matches your needs best.

You will learn the answers to:

  • What’s the difference between UK and US universities?
  • Which admissions system is better suited for IB students?
  • What can you do to stand out on applications?
  • Q&A…and so much more!

Today is the perfect day to start planning your university journey!

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Who should join?

Meet the Speaker

George Baxter

US and UK Admissions Expert

George Baxter is a Senior US & UK Strategy Consultant here at Crimson. As a Harvard and UCL alum, he has direct experience in both university systems and is the best person to ask all your application questions to!

US & UK Extracurricular Activities and Leadership Consultant

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