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Foundation Programs

Foundation Programs are designed for students who are graduating with excellent grades, extensive extracurricular activities, and the potential to excel at the best universities.

Of our students were admitted to the UCL Foundation program

Of our students got into their first choice of program

What are Foundation Programs and how can Crimson help?

In recent years, many top-ranked global and UK universities including University College London (UCL) and King’s College London (KCL), have rejected some very deserving candidates. Here are some reasons why:

  1. These institutions do not recognize a student's national curriculum
  2. They feel that the academic standards in the students’ home countries are not rigorous enough.
  3. Their English proficiency may be falling short of what the university requires.

What’s more, is that many of the highly-qualified students who are rejected for any of the reasons listed above, are just a few courses away from meeting entry requirements.

Foundation Programs provide a year of extra subject-focused learning, as well as the time and support needed for students to master their English. Some Foundation Programs are even integrated into a student's first year as an undergraduate, thus enabling them to graduate in the same cohort as other students their age. The courses are taught to the highest standards, providing students with the best chance to achieve academic success.

Many students attending foundation programs are usually the first in their family to study abroad. In addition to academic rigour, the Crimson Foundation Program works to build each student’s candidacy, while smoothing out the transition to overseas study. For example, Crimson can help students navigate the many options available, while helping students connect their current interests to undergraduate programs and careers. We are fully committed to helping all students open every door available to them.

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Check any that apply to you

◯ Grades are OK but not great

◯ English level below IELTS 7.5

◯ Not taking IB, A-Levels or APs

◯ Still want to study at top global university?

If you checked any of these boxes, then get in touch with us to learn how we can help you see if Crimson Foundations is the right pathway for you!


Our foundation experts will:

Personal Statement and Portfolio Support

Your App Mentor, in collaboration with your Strategist, will work closely with you to create a powerful Personal Statement which shares your academic interest and experiences with foundation admission offices to make you stand out from the crowd.

Our experts will help you brainstorm, build, edit and refine your Personal Statement that both explores your interest in your intended subject of study and your future ambitions. 

For students applying to fine arts and drama programs, we can provide experts to help you build out and present your portfolio in a professional manner and help you create the best audition submissions.

Personal statement support

Test and Interview Preparation

While not all foundation programs require admission tests and interviews, the most highly ranked programs do ask students to go beyond the traditional applications. Crimson can provide bespoke support to ensure that you walk into every test and interview with confidence.

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How Crimson can help

Crimson Education offers intensive, holistic, personalized support for students applying to Foundation Programs. All support is delivered personally by a team of expert strategists, mentors, and tutors.

Our services cover every step of the admissions process.

extracurricular development
Extracurricular Development

Personal statement writing support
Personal Statement Writing Support

English test support
English Test Support (IELTS or TOEFL)

interview coaching
Interview coaching

academic enrichment tutoring
Academic Enrichment Tutoring

Many of our students were admitted to foundation programs at:

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