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5 Ways To Build Your Extracurriculars for Top US University Admissions!

Top US universities want to see more than excellent grades. They’re also looking for top-tier extracurriculars.

What kind of extracurriculars are top US universities looking for, and which ones will boost your chances of admissions? We’ve broken down what admissions officers are looking for into 5 specific categories.

Download this FREE eBook now and learn about which extracurriculars will maximize your chances of securing that acceptance letter to a top US university!

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Extracurriculars make up 60% of your application

Each year, top US universities continue to set record-lows for acceptance rates. With such fierce competition, how will you stand out from the rest? In the past, admissions officers used to look for students with a variety of traditional extracurricular experiences. This has changed dramatically over the past few years. 

In this eBook, we’ll show you 5 ways you can strengthen your extracurriculars, and address any questions you might have about what admissions officers are looking for now. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What are extracurriculars and why they matter
  • How admissions officers evaluate extracurriculars
  • 5 ways to build outstanding extracurriculars
  • Case Studies: Which applicants would YOU admit?
  • How Crimson can help you

… And much more! Plus, if you’re curious about what an exceptional extracurricular profile looks like, we’ve included an example of the activites and achievements that helped one student get accepted to Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Brown, UPenn, Duke, Cornell, AND UChicago. Don't miss out on this valuable resource – download the eBook now!

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