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Discovering Your Passion: Finding Your Career Path

Calling all high school students: join our online webinar to uncover your true passion and find the right career path for you.

Thursday, February 23rd 2023

06:00 pm -07:00 pm UAE Time


Online on ZOOM
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Unsure What Career You Want to Pursue After High School?

Have you ever asked to find your true passion and make a living out of it? How often have you received this question?

Take the first step towards personal growth and success. Our expert guidance will help you discover your true north and find the path that suits you best — don't miss this opportunity to shape your future and achieve your goals!

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Meet The Speaker

Community Experience Advisor, Renee Fostiropoulos

Renee holds a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction and is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Careers Education and Psychology.

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