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What Do Yale Admission Officers Look For in GCC Applicants?

You may be closer to your dream of attending Yale University than you realize. Schedule an online consultation with the Crimson team to discover more about this prestigious institution and how you can enhance your prospects of being accepted.

Quick facts about Yale

One of the oldest of the eight Ivy League universities, Yale is a highly regarded, medium-sized, private liberal arts university based in New Haven, Connecticut. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate study with most undergraduate students living on campus. The university is coed and the setting is small city/urban.

  • Undergrad degree: 4 year liberal arts
  • Public or Private: Private
  • Setting: Urban
  • Residential Status: Primarily on campus
  • Number of Undergraduates: 6,092 (approx)
  • Number of Freshman: 1,550 (approx)
  • Acceptance Rate: 6.3%
  • GPA Aim: 3.7-4.0
Yale University

The 6 most popular majors at Yale

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What to expect during your initial consultation:

We offer formal programs of mentoring and guidance but offer every student a free consultation at the start of the process.

During the consultation, you will be able to discuss your goals with our Academic Advisors and they will explain what admissions officers are looking for and how Crimson can help you realise your dreams - from helping you choose where to apply to and develop your application to helping you kick-start an innovative extracurricular project which will get you noticed. We will then arm you with an initial timeline of action steps so that you leave feeling well-informed and inspired.

Want To Start Your Journey To Yale?

Book a free consultation with us! A consultation is your first chance to discuss your future pathways with an admissions expert, where you will:

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Understand your dream university

Understand what it takes to get into top universities like Yale.

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Understand your application

Identify your strengths, weaknesses and what you can do now to build up your candidacy. We help to create a timeline on what you should do each year!

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Level up your application

Know how to take your application to the next level: how can you make it globally competitive?

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How Crimson can help you

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