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117 Ivy Offers and Counting!

In 2022, our students received a record number of offers to all 8 Ivy League universities, Stanford, MIT, Duke, UChicago, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, UC Berkeley and more! Are you ready to join them?


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Why study abroad?

  • The Quality of Education: the quality of education overseas is second-to-none! In the US, you have liberal arts colleges and the eight Ivy League schools and in the UK and Europe, you have the Oxbridge schools and a myriad of other world-class universities to choose from. What's more, completing a degree abroad, or even just spending a semester abroad, looks amazing on your CV.
  • It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience: while the opportunity to travel will always be there, the opportunity to study abroad may never be available to you again. This may be your one chance to live and study in a different country.
  • Higher employability: students who graduate from the world’s best universities tend to get higher salary packages. Economics majors who earn their bachelor's degree from Harvard go on to jobs where they make a median salary of $78,800 a year. The national average for all economics bachelor's degree recipients is $44,300.

How We Help Students From MENA Like You

Crimson Education is the world’s most successful US/UK university admissions consultancy, with our students up to 4x more likely to gain acceptance to the best — and most competitive — universities in the world.

We believe that every student deserves individualised support in every aspect of their applications. Crimson students have access to a global network of 2,400+ tutors, mentors, and consultants, many of whom have worked at or are graduates of the very universities our students are aiming to attend.

From university selection strategy to standardised test prep, essay support to extracurricular mentoring, and interview practice — we leave no stone unturned, making sure every one of our students submits their strongest possible application.

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We guide hundreds of students from UAE, KSA, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia to secure their seats in Ivy League and US Top 50 universities.

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Our 2022 US Admissions Results (with updates to continue)
UniversityCrimson Offers (Class of 2026)
John Hopkins14
UC Berkeley41

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